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In just one hour from now,
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Our ELPT 3 online language testing interface allows you to take the test in the comfort of your home. Take the test whenever you want, wherever you want.

System Requirements

To take the online language
proficiency test, you need
the following equipment:

A computer or notebook with:
* webcam
* microphone
* speakers or headphones
* Google Chrome™ browser
* screen size bigger than 1280px

Other Requirements & Recommendations

In addition to the hardware and software requirements you will need:

* a stable internet connection
* recommended: bandwith > 4MBps
* a quiet room
* no other persons in the room

We furthermore recommend that you keep paper and pencil ready, in case you wish to take notes.

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ELPT3 online was designed in accordance with ICAO Doc 9835

ICAO sets high standards for aviation English. Doc 9835 is the main source of standards and recommended practices for language testing, which include the selection of suitable raters, how to avoid conflict of interest, how to design a valid and reliable langauge test and how to document results to make the rating and testing process both secure and traceable.
Assesses Speaking abilities and Listening comprehension
No focus on discrete-point items, grammar or vocabulary items
Includes simulated voice-only and face-to-face interaction
The test is specific to aviation operations and customized for pilots in commercial air transport, general aviation, pilots of helicopters or sailplanes
No highly technical or very context-specific language required
At least two raters are involved in the rating process, additional raters in case of divergent scores
All raters receive initial and recurrent training specific to language testing
All raters are qualified in accordance with ICAO Doc 9835
Validity and reliability is documented and assessed regularly
Transparent appeal process

ELPT3 online complies with all EASA regulations

The Euorpean Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) fully adopted the ICAO language proficiency requirements and introduced several additional requirements. We are happy to provide you with a testing system that can satisfy all your needs:
The result is determined in accordance with the ICAO rating scale
(FCL Appendix 2)
The result is determined in accordance with the Holistic Descriptors
Tests the use of language in specific contexts: to understand weather information, to understand aeronautical documents and to communicate with other flight crew
(Basic Regulation, Annex IV, 1.6)
Complies with all standards regarding exam documentation, access and information
Valid in all EASA member states

All Levels

You can use our online language test to achieve any level, from ICAO Level 4 up to ICAO Level 6.
You do not even have to choose before starting the test. Your result will be based on the highest achieved level.

Pay & Test

We offer the language proficiency test at a very competitive rate. Pay online, using PayPal / Credit Card and start the test right now.
For operators, training organisations and flying clubs, we offer packages of 10 tests or more. Please ask for an offer!

Best & Fast

Having implemented EASA rules and ICAO's standards and recommended practices for language testing, we guarantee highest testing standards and reliable results. Each test is rated by operational and linguistic experts and supervised by the language assessment body.

It is not an aviation knowledge test

Don't be afraid of saying something 'aeronautically' wrong

Don't stop talking

Even if you don't know what to answer, let our raters know that you understood the question and that you're thinking about the answer.

It is not an R/T exam

Keep in mind: we do not check your radio phraseology or R/T skills. This is about plain English.

Expect the unexpected

At one point, a test question may throw you out of your comfort zone. Don't panic!

If there are Misunderstandings

The language test also aims at checking your ability to clarify and resolve misunderstandings.

Ask questions

There's a difference between just hitting 'say again' and asking a question. For a higher level, you should be able to do both.

Say again

The language test allows you to repeat questions up to 3 times.

Unlimited number of tries

Whatever happens: there is no maximum number of times that you can repeat the test.

Nothing that you can't do now

Being here for the test means that you currently don't have an LP. If you fail, you still won't have one. So don't be afraid of the test! 

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