Questions about the  ELPT 3 online   test?

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To make searching easier, we have put the most frequent questions into groups:

Requirements to take the test

  • When can I take the ELPT3 online test?

    Whenever you want. After your payment, the test starts right away.

  • Do I need a computer to take the test?

    Yes, you need a computer, internet (a stable connection), the Google Chrome browser, a webcam, speakers and a microphone (or headphones).

  • What requirements does my computer need to fulfill to take the test?

    Screen size should be at least 1280px wide - you need to be able to see pictures clearly and read multiple-choice questions in a reasonalbe size. You need a camera, speakers and a microphone (or headphones) and a stable internet connection.

  • Why do I have to use Google Chrome? Can I use a different browser?

    ELPT3 online was programmed and optimized for Google Chrome. We are currently working on the support for other browsers.

  • How can I check if my camera / microphone are working?

    Go to the ELPT3 online test page and scroll down. You can check your camera / microphone without logging in, without payment and without entering any personal data.

  • Do I have to be afraid that I pay for the test and then can't take it because my computer is too old?

    You have the chance to check your camera / microphone before you pay. Before the test starts, you have another chance to check if you are 'perfectly in the picture' - and during the test you have a small monitor that always shows you your current camera status.

  • Can I take the test on my iPad or any other tablet?

    You can take the ELPT3 online test on any device where the screen size is wider than 1280px and which runs a full version of Google Chrome (please note: iPads are usually not supported).

  • My camera isn't working - what do I do?

    Please make sure that your anti-spyware or anti-virus software (such as Kaspersky) doesn't block web access to your camera.

Taking the test

  • How to I start the ELPT3 online test?

    Go to the ELPT3 online page (link at the top right corner of this page, just scroll up), enter your personal data and follow the instructions.

  • Why do I have to enter my personal data?

    We need to make sure who you are, we need to write a correct invoice, need the data for your test protocol... there are many reasons why!
    Furthermore, the test is tailored to your needs, selecting test questions in accordance with your license type and flight experience.

  • What if I made a spelling mistake?

    If there is any mistake, feel free to contact us.

  • Can I take the test when I'm not alone in the room?

    No. Please make sure that you are alone.

  • Can sombeody else help me during the language test?

    No, absolutely not. Please make sure that you are alone. Any attempts to cheat will cause us to give you a 'negative' result.

  • Is there a 'SAY AGAIN' function or a feature that lets me repeat a question?

    Yes, there is. In case you haven't understood a question correctly, you can repeat it up to two times.

  • Do I need to have anything ready before I start?

    Yes, please have your ID ready - either ad PDF or image file, a pen and something to write.

  • How long does the test take?

    It depends on how much you use the 'say-again' feature and how much time you take to answer the multiple-choice questions. Usual time is approximately 35 - 50 minutes.

  • Can I pause during the test?

    No, you can't.

Pricing and Payment

  • Can I pay now and start the test later?

    No. Please be ready to take the test when you pay.

  • How much is the test?

    Go to the ELPT3 online page (link at the top right corner of this page, just scroll up), enter your country of residence. The price will show up at the bottom of the page. This is because tax rules require us to have different VAT rates in different countries.

  • Why is the price different in each country?

    ELPT3 is an online service. Therefore, the EU tax rules reuquire us to use different VAT rates for EU countries.

  • Can I get a company invoice?

    Yes, of course. When you enter your personal data, use the 'i need a company invoice' tick box.

  • Do you use EU reverse charge tax system?

    Yes, we do. You only have to enter a valid EU VAT tax ID.

  • How can I pay for the test?

    You can pay by using PayPal.

  • How do I pay if I don't have a credit card or paypal account?

    Maybe one of your friends or family members can help you out. If not - it's easy to get a PayPal account. Just register.

  • Can I pay cash?

    Since there is no phsyical interaction between you and us - no.

Results & license endorsement

  • How to I get the ELPT3 online test result?

    Via e-mail, a few days after the test.

  • How long does it take to get the test result?

    Usually 2-5 working days.

  • Who grades my language test?

    ICAO requires that at least 2 trained raters have to rate your language test. In cases of diverging scores, a third rater will be consulted. The rating team consists of at least 1 technical expert (pilot, ATC) and one expert rater (e.g. linguist, English teacher).

  • How do I get a language proficiency license endorsement?

    Use the test result that we send you and hand it over to your licensing authority.

  • Is there a possibility to get a hand-written license endorsement?

    Yes, but processing that will cost extra. Please inquire.

  • In what countries are ELPT3 online test results accepted?

    ELPT3 online test results are accepted in any European (EASA) country. If you are not from an EASA member states, please contact your civil aviation authority, whether they accept language tests in accordance with ICAO/EASA rules.

  • Can I use ELPT3 online if I am outside of the European Union?

    Please check with your local licensing authority.

  • What if I fail the test?

    Simple: take it again!

  • Is data protection ensured?

    Yes. The European General Data Protection Regulation applies to ELPT3 online. This is one of the most strict requirements worldwide, regarding data protection.

  • Who has access to my language test?

    ELPT3 online is run by the Austrian Language Assessment Body LAB-106. Therefore, the people of LAB-106, the raters and linguists, test developers, system administrators, the head of the language assessment body, our licensing authority (responsible for oversight). In accordance with FCL.1030, your personal licensing authority can also request access.

Questions for airlines, flight schools, flying clubs and associations

  • Is it possible to purchase a larger amount of language tests?

    Yes, of course. You will receive access codes which are 'pre-paid', so your clients, employees, students or members won't have to use PayPal.

  • Can we get a discount if we buy a larger amount of language tests?

    Yes, you can. Feel free to inquire.

  • Is the pricing regime binding?

    No, it is not. You can re-sell your access codes at whatever price you choose.

Questions for competent authorities

  • Is ELPT3 online an approved language test?

    Yes, approved in accordance with EASA FCL.055. LAB-106 / ELPT3 is a language assessment body approved in accordance with Part-ORA.

  • Is ELPT3 online approved by a civil aviation authority of Europe?

    Yes, by the Austrian Aviation Authority Austro Control GmbH.

  • We suspect that an applicant handed in falsified documents. How can we check these documents?

    Each ELPT3 online test protocol has a 'protocol-check' on the bottom of the first page. This allows you to enter the code displayed on the test protocol, performing a cross-check with our database.

  • Is there a construct for the language test available?

    Yes. The ELPT3 online test construct was designed by linguists and senior language examiners and part of the approval.

  • Can we have access to the test recordings, espcially the audio recordings?

    Yes, in accordance with FCL.1030. Please inquire - we are happy to help.

  • Do you have adequate measures in place to ensure test security?

    Yes. Each test will be audio and video recorded. Raters check if the quality of the recordings is well enough, if there are any other persons in the room, changes in the candidate's voice or other irregularities.

  • What is the storage period? How long can we access records?

    The storage period is 7 years in accordance with the ICAO recommendations.

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