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Welcome to the ELPT 3 online language exam!

Your fast and easy way to get an ICAO & EASA FCL.055 compliant language proficiency test result

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After entering your data, you'll be asked to test the audio and video functions of your web-browser. The ELPT Online exam requires you to have audio and video recording capabilities on your device. Please make sure that your face is well-lit and that you can be identified over the video channel. Please speak clearly and loudly.

You'll furthermore be asked to upload a copy of your ID document. We accept passports (worldwide) or a government-issued identification card / driving license (EU citizens only). Please keep a file (PDF, JPEG, PNG) of your ID document ready for uploading.

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You can do this by clicking on the button below and follow the instructions. Please ensure that your headphones or speakers are turned on and that you can hear this voice well enough. After the voice has finished speaking, your webcam will start to record your face and voice. This process starts automatically. You should be able to see your face during the recording.
After the recording has finished, it will stop automatically after a few seconds you'll be able to replay your recording. Please check if audio and video quality are okay. We need to be able to recognize your face and hear you speak.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that audio and video quality are adequate. If they are not, we cannot rate your test and you will not be entitled to get a refund.

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